List of Things to Clean

Note: tasks 3 through 5 may happen in parallel during task 2.

  1. Take out garbage (monday, early in morning because of bear)
  2. In the garage
    • Lucas and I should start with this, but the cleaning lady doesn't need to start with this
    • vacuum and sweep out wood dust
    • Wipe off shelves and plastic containers
    • Help Lucas and I throw stuff away
  3. Shake out all rugs in the house, over the grass
    • Excluding the rug in the study
    • Leave them in the breezeway building, after they're shaken out. If it's raining, leave them on the steps
  4. Vacuum all nooks and crannies of bottom floor
    • Cleaning lady should start with this
    • Move things and vacuum
    • behind cabinets
    • Use the small blue vacuum to vacuum the downstairs
  5. Mop blond floor and linoleum using Vinegar and water
    • Lucas and I need to move all the chairs in the livingroom/dining room area into the breezeway
    • Wipe off the feet of each chair
  6. Lucas needs to get everything off his floor and vacuum it out
  7. Clean downstairs bathroom
    • Entire bathroom, including shower, sink, toilet, floor, & counters
  8. Clean out both toilets upstairs
  9. Bathroom upstairs
    • Clean toilet
    • Clean countertops
    • Clean floor
    • Clean sink
  10. Start defrosting the freezer
    • No scraping, no washing with hot water
    • Can use hair-dryer
  11. Need both refrigerators cleaned (outdoor one first)
    • Starting with the outdoor freezer
  12. Sweep off the deck
    • Use water and push broom to make it slightly more clean
    • Move things off deck
      • Lucas and I may need to move the trees. Mom recommends not moving them off the deck, just shuffling them around
    • Start with the south side of the deck
  13. Wipe off all hoses
    • Use diluted bleach water
    • Soak a cloth in solution, run wet cloth along the length of the hose
  14. Clean the OUTSIDE of the Grill
    • Use a hose and some Barkeepers friend to clean the outside of the grill
  15. Clean the small concrete patio in back
    • Sweep
    • remove wood, then use hose to spray off little patio
  16. Mow the lawn
  17. Pull weeds under eaves of garage
    • Put on gloves for this
  18. Blow off the driveway
  19. Wash out garbage cans (using diluted bleach-water)